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Components Of A Sewing Machine

- Jan 26, 2018 -

General sewing machines are made up of nose, frame, transmission and accessories.

The nose is the main part of the sewing machine. It by the thorn material, the hook line, picks the line, the feeding four mechanism and the winding, the pressure material, falls the tooth and so on auxiliary organization, each mechanism's movement reasonable coordination, circulates the work, the sewing material stitching up.

The base is divided into two forms: Table board and chassis. The bench plate of the plate-type base acts as the supporting head, and the sewing operation is used as a worktable. The board has a variety of styles, there is a bucket or a lot of folding, cabinet, desk-style. Chassis frame chassis plays the role of supporting and storage head, making the sewing machine easy to carry and keep.

The drive part of the sewing machine is composed of a frame, a hand or a motor. The rack is the backbone of the machine, supporting the board and pedals. When used, the operator treads the pedal, drives the pulley through the crank, and rotates the nose through the belt. Most of the hand-cranked or motor is directly mounted on the nose.

Sewing machine Accessories include needle, shuttle heart, screwdriver, oil kettle and so on.

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