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The operating procedures of sewing machine

- Aug 15, 2018 -

Put the bobbin thread; put on the upper thread, put the bottom line, turn on the power switch, use the foot to press the presser foot, place the fabric under the presser foot, and step on the pedal with one foot (recommended to the right) Foot operation) At the same time, put your hands on the fabric to assist the feeding teeth so that the fabric can be stitched forward at a constant speed.

Operational notes:

1.The wearing method of the upper thread and the lower thread should be correct;

2. The elastic of the upper thread and the lower thread should be appropriate;

3. After the power is turned on, it must wait 2~3 seconds for the motor to run stably before stepping on the pedal;

4. In the process of sewing Do not pull the fabric forward or backward; 

5. Under no circumstances should you put your hand under the bur.

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