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The cause of the card thread caused by the sewing machine

- Aug 16, 2018 -

When the sewing machine is working, it will encounter the card line more or less. There are many reasons for the card line. We must fully understand the reason to avoid it.

Reason for the card line

1, no line frame, or the position of the upper line is not correct.

2, wearing the upper line forgot to raise the presser foot, or forgot to enter the needle front clip.

3. Start sewing without putting down the presser foot.

4. The needle may bend.

5, bobbin case burr.

6, the fabric is too thin, soft, elastic, slippery, not easy to control. Knitted fabric is the culprit, be careful.

7, the thickness of the fabric is uneven, especially the seams and other sudden thickening of the ribs.

8, or the upper thread material is not correct, elastic or poor texture.

9, machine installation problems, open to clean, maintenance, not installed in place.

10, the end of sewing, did not lift the hook to the highest, take out the fabric. In this case, the bobbin case is most easily scratched.

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