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Brief introduction of Lockstitch sewing Machine

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Lockstitch Sewing Machine is an industrial sewing machine that uses needles and two stitches to form a lock line. The Lockstitch sewing machine consists of a head, a plate and a frame.

An industrial sewing machine that uses stitches and two stitches to form a lock stitch. Two or more layers of seam can be stitched or patchwork on the seam. It is the most basic type of industrial sewing machine. The sewing of the two-line lock line is one of the most solid traces, therefore, the use of a very wide range of sewing silk, hemp, cotton, wool, chemical fiber and other fabrics and soft leather, artificial leather production of clothing, wearing supplies, bedding, bags, bags, tablecloths, curtains and so on, and can carry out two layers of silk to many layers of soft leather sewing work.

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