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Analysis of the scope of application of thick material sewing machine

- Aug 21, 2018 -

As a name suggests, thick material sewing machines are mainly used to sew relatively thick materials. They are widely used in the sewing of thick materials such as sofas, tents, sails, shoes and seat belts. This is not possible with thin sewing machines. .

In the structural design of the thick material sewing machine, the imported special shuttle is used, the bobbin thread is large, the sewing efficiency is higher, and the presser foot lifting capacity can be 20mm. The structure of the thick material sewing machine is more advanced, and it requires a thicker thread to ensure better sewing quality when sewing thick fabrics.

The thick material sewing machine is a high-speed sewing machine as a whole. Occasionally, the problem of broken bottom line occurs during the rapid sewing process, and the thicker material is also worn on the sewing machine, so the use of the thick material sewing machine is relatively large. In order to pay more attention to maintenance and maintenance, regular inspections, timely identification of problems and solutions, in order to better extend the service life of thick material sewing machines.

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