Cylinder Bed Sewing Machines

Used for sewing Suitcase Handles, Saddles, Leather Sofas, Fabric Sofas, Leather Armchairs, Leather Recliners, Bags, Baseball Gloves, Sports Products, Safety Bags, Tents, Seats, Soft Cushions, Harness, Leather Shoes, Safety Harness, Filters, Sheath, Footwear, Car Upholstery, Marine Upholstery, Aero Upholstery, Yacht Upholstery, Furniture Upholstery, Polyester Lifting Slings, Safety Belts, Military Belts, Golf Bags, Softball Bags, Backpacks, Cargo Straps, Industrial Bags, Industrial Safety Products, Tire Covers and Armchairs border etc..
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